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We cover all MG & Rover cars, We are the MG Owners Club & Rover Owners club, combined in one, from Rover 75 to MGZT, from Rover 800 to MGB, we are here for all your MG Rover MGR cars

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How to fix the Rover 75 electric mirror control

Unread postby Mal7921 » Sat May 28, 2016 10:04 pm

It's one of those things you never think about, until you have to adjust your mirrors and nothing happens, but the Rover 75 mirror controls often stop working, making many think they have an expensive repair ahead, without thinking the solution could be as simple as cleaning the contacts.

Afraid to do it? Don't be, takes about 15 minutes and is simple to do.

Watch and learn :)

What you need - 2 small flatblade screwdrivers and an electrical cleaning solution (No NOT use WD40, EVER! It will not work)

So the first step is to remove the mirror and window controls from the door. This is best done with 2 small screwdrivers but can be done with one. It's as simple as carefully inserting just below the plastic and levering up


Then you need to disconnect the cables. There are ywo plugs, on mine they were a black thin connector and a thicker while one. The thin connector has 2 lugs either side which need to be pressed in to release it, the white plug pulls out, but be warned it is stiff and a tight fit. Here are the connectors with the switch unit removed


Next it is time to move indoors to a good working area. Here is the electrical cleaner I used, it has come in handy throughout my career in fixing all sorts of electrical contact issues


Just make sure where you are working is well ventilated!

Anyhow, now to take the unit apart. It is literally clipped together so this needs to be carefully prized apart so not to break the casing. Some clips can be done with a single screwdriver, others are better using two


There are two sets of clips, it is the smaller set at the bottom of the unit you need to release, not the top set.

Once apart it will look like this


The switching system uses the same plastic membain system that Sir Clive Sinclair loved with the keyboards of the Spectrum Plus and the QL, a conductive rubber section on a plastic dome which pushes down on a metal sruface. These are cheap and reliable under normal circumstances, but if they are not used regularly can get muck and grease on them, making then stop working well. And lets face it, once we have them set up, we rarely adjust the mirrors again do we.

So, lets take the white cover off and look at what we need to clean...


The contacts on both the circuit board and the white membrain both need to be cleaned, so get a clean cloth of some sort, put some of your preferred cleaning solution on and...



Get cleaning! If it is a contact, CLEAN IT!!

Once done put the membrain back


Re-attach the button housing


Then take back to the car and connect the cables


Apply power then test the mirror controls, if all is well they should now move the mirrors. IF they do then re-insert into the door panel


If thy still don't work and you know the fuse is ok, it may be worth retrying to clean the contacts again or replace the switch module or the mirror motors could have seized. If this is the case, moving the mirrors with the controls while someone gives a gentle helping hand may help. For me, the above solved the problem and the mirrors are adjusting well
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