Used car prices from 1956

We all know what our cars are worth now and what they were when they were new, depreciation is a issue we all have when purchasing a new or car, Used cars are the standard norm for the majority of cash buyers out there and also for most financed cars too.

Transport yourself back nearly 60 years, i was reading a “The Motor” magazine from January 11th 1956, the magazine has many articles in it about cars of that era, but also has a classified section too.

I took a peep at some of the used car prices from private and commercial sellers back then, these cars were reputably made to last back then and people thought nothing of buying a 20-30 year old used car.

I remember my dad telling me that in the 50's he bought a 22 year old car for £19, If memory serves it was a Rover 10, this was in early 50’s when he was about 21ish. £19!!! Sounds silly doesn’t it,   of course inflation would increase that sum now, but still £19!!!

I would like to think some of the cars that are listed are still around, that would be cool if we knew where they are! They would be worth a fortune now though I would think.

I have taken some of the ads and listed them below they appear in the magazine.

There is a wide and varied selection of MG & Rover cars for sale, some of you may remember some of the models in person, If you have any stories to share of any of the below, we would love to hear them.

To save the integrity of the pages I have left the other adverts intact: